Security Procedures

Passengers of all flights, both domestic or international, arriving at Raleigh–Durham International Airport is required to be checked for TSA security screening upon their entry to the USA. There are the same rules for passengers connecting internationally or domestically. They must go through a body scanner machine, put their belongings, including electronic devices, in a separate bin for X-ray scanning. Security agents may require to remove jewelry or shoes, and passengers are asked to follow their instructions patiently.

Raleigh–Durham International Airport has two terminals. Southwest Airlines only serve terminal 1 for domestic flights, and Terminal 2 hosts international outbound and inbound flights. Passengers must be patient and hold their place in an appropriate lane, which is designated separately, one area for the citizens of the United States, another for international travelers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

When passengers arrive in the United States, they go through some additional checking services. Border Protection (CBP) service is ready to meet newly arrived passengers for extra screening. Security agents usually ask some questions, sometimes questions address private information, so passengers must answer honestly, while agents are determining identification. Passengers should remember to present a valid passport. They are usually asked the reason for their arrival, the aim of their stay, and sometimes are asked with further questions regarding the address of stay.

After finishing the screening and security checking process, passengers have to claim their baggage and head for the meeting points or directly to the exit. In RDU, there are meeting locations in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.


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