There are several parking options for passengers at Raleigh-Durham Airport.

Long-term parking and Short-term parking

RDU offers hourly, i.e., short-term and daily, i.e., long-term rates in each of the parking lots. To find each part, you should remember that ParkRDU Premier is located on the first covered level in the parking garage between terminals. ParkRDU Central has 10,000+ space parking garage between terminals. It offers both covered and uncovered spaces within a short walking distance from the terminals. ParkRDU Express has the most concise, just a 5-minute shuttle ride to the terminals, and it offers luggage assistance. ParkRDU Economy takes two parking lots located to the major airport entrances. A free shuttle ride should be taken to access the terminals.

There are prices indicated for each parking service:

  • ParkRDU Premier: per hour - $3, up to 4 hours. Day - $22
  • ParkRDU Central: per hour - $2, up to 4 hours. Day - $15
  • ParkRDU Express: per hour - $2, up to 4 hours. $12/day
  • ParkRDU Economy 3: per hour - $1, up to 4 hours’ day of entry. Day - $8
  • ParkRDU Economy 4: per hour - $1, up to 4 hours’ day of entry. Day - $7

Raleigh-Durham Airport has a 24-hour support system, passengers can address any glitches, and the support time will keep you moving throughout the airport's facilities. If a passenger has any issue with exiting or entering a parking facility, the customer service representatives and staff members are always there standing by to respond to incoming calls.

Cell Phone Lot

Raleigh-Durham Airport has Cell phone lots that are located near the terminals. The instructions on how to use it can be found in the following link:

Parking for Disabled

Travelers with disabilities can find parking garages in all parking areas and "Park & Ride lots"; Besides, shuttles for "Park & Ride" lots are lift-equipped (for the reservation you have to dial one b calling the number: 919-840-7277).


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